Stellar Homes

About Stellar Homes

Stellar is a custom home builder and custom acreage estate builder delivering top results for our clientele. We serve the greater Edmonton area including Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.

Learn About our Standards

Our Building Standards

Building a custom home with Stellar means unprecedented quality rarely seen in the industry, implementation of the latest building technology, and personal one-on-one service. Your new home is covered by the National Home Warranty Program, and you’ll also receive your unique home plans…no two Stellar homes are alike.

Hand Picked Tradesmen

All of our Tradesmen are professionals in their field, local to the Edmonton area, who understand our high level of commitment to our customers. They bring the consistency and quality workmanship that our company’s reputation is built on.

Our long-standing relationship with our tradesmen offers consistency in our product and peace of mind for our customers.

Worksite Cleanliness

We pride ourselves in keeping our job sites clean. We understand that it’s not just a home we’re building, but it’s your home we’re building.

Our cleanliness is more than just clean and orderly. It is a philosophy we apply to every job. We know that a clean site is a safe site and is more easily managed and inspected during the building process. No smoking is allowed in the homes and our vehicles will not park on your new driveway. Quality control is ensured as cleanliness is maintained throughout every stage of construction.

Prior to insulation the entire home is vacuumed to eliminate dust being trapped in wall cavities. Before the first primer paint coat goes on the home is again vacuumed to ensure a quality paint job. Just before you move in to your new home a major clean is done so you can be right at home with even your dishes going directly into clean cupboards.

Finishing Details

We use the very best of industry products and trades to accomplish the highest level of finishing detail that your home deserves. Only the best J-Grade and S4S lumber is used, and all built-in products are inspected prior to construction or installation.

Every detail of your new home is reviewed and inspected on-site to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Heating Systems & Unique Features

A state of the art heating system will be installed in your new home. We use various combinations of in-floor heat with high-efficient IBC boilers, solar hot water heating, and/or geothermal systems.

We pride ourselves on maximizing space. Implementing extra space under the garage is one way to achieve this. A “Comflor” structure is used effectively and efficiently to create the space your family needs.